Every season there are a few garments that rise to the top as most coveted in the magazine world. While we’ve been keeping track of the most popular coverchoices for the past few seasons, it’s time to shift our focus to editorials.

Unless you’ve been altogether ignoring print media these past few months, you will have noticed the popularity of bodysuits, bedazzled or otherwise, from both Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. They show up everywhere you look and not only have we seen them on models, but celebrities like Lana Del Ray, Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis.

But those aren’t the only looks that have been showing up again and again. What differentiates these looks from the rest (other than the advertising dollars which back them) are a showstopping quality, which makes them memorable and easily identified. Having said that, you’ll also notice a pattern of pastels, and 20s and 50s inspiriation.

We’re sure you already have a few ideas floating around about which pieces we noticed the most, and if you reach to your nearest fashion glossy we’re also sure you’ll find at least one, if not all of the following looks in its pages.



Dolce & Gabbana Jeweled Bodysuit
Making the celebrity rounds, this bodysuit (a garment which has a long history with the brand) was a fashion moment waiting to happen from the second the deluge of models walked down the runway in them at Dolce & Gabbana’s spring show last September.


Prada Bodysuit
In keeping with Prada’s theme for spring, their take on the bodysuit is more 50s bombshell swimwear than corseted goddess. It’s also another popular celebrity styling choice.


Prada Embroidered Coat
This piece–in its variation of textured patterns and color–has been the coat of choice for many stylists. It is typically styled with a bodysuit or soft Prada pleats, a direct contrast to the coat’s boxy silhouette.


Gucci Flapper Dresses
It’ll come as a shock to no one that Gucci’s flapper-inspired beaded fringe dresses are so popular. The drop waisted looks are definitely the most glamorous of the 20s Gatsby trend we’ve been seeing lately.


Louis Vuitton Eyelets
Speaking of contrasts, Louis Vuitton had the collar market cornered last fall with a cold, metallic version which matched the dominatrix theme of their fall show. This spring saw an embroidered silk eyelet collar which complements the brands fresh, pastel collection. Not to mention the eyelet dresses, which are just about everywhere.

Stella McCartney Wave Dress
Just like her polka dots last fall, Stella McCartney is riding the wave of her popular silk dresses. And just like last season, these showstoppers are deceptively sexy with unassuming asymmetry and mesh cutouts.








Posted on: April 10, 2012

Source: Victoria Beckham’s Twitter

When Victoria Beckham tweeted a photo of a pile of hair with the caption, “Chopped it off! X vb,” fans went crazy wondering what her new ‘do looked like. They didn’t have to wait long. Photogs caught Beckham out and about, revealing her new long bob, which just might officially be the hottest hairstyle in Hollywood right now.Victoria’s chop had us thinking about other celebrities who caused a frenzy with just a snip of their hair. From Jennifer Aniston’s brief break from her surfer-girl tresses, to Rooney Mara’s total 180, we rounded up 10 of our favorites – and one that we wish would grow out already.

Click through to see other celeb’s transformations!

Photos: Getty


Victoria did indeed look super posh with her long locks, but they took the focus off her angular face. Though not as short as her infamous blonde bob, the crop brings the edge back.

Viola Davis said that her husband inspired her to go natural for the Oscars red carpet. Whatever the reason, fans really loved the cropped look and we hope it will inspire more ladies to rock what they’ve got.


Jennifer Aniston briefly cropped her hair into a bob – really briefly. Blink and you missed it – Aniston has already grown it back out to its former beachy glory.


Dianna Agron’s long hair fit the role of Glee‘s head Cheerio Quinn Fabray, and though Agron was unquestionably beautiful, she was just another pretty Hollywood blonde. Her new cut helped Quinn go bad, and Agron has never looked more stylish.


Rose Byrne was anything but boring with a thick fringe, but sometimes you just have to change things up. Byrne’s bob is very Anna Wintour inspired, which we love.


It was the haircut heard ’round the world – okay, maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal outside the tween set. Still, Justin Bieber is ready to grow into the next stage of his career, even if his hair doesn’t.


After ending her time playing Hermione Granger, Emma Watson said she wanted to cut her hair because she’d never been allowed to. Now she looks less kid wizard, more cool college lady.


Ginnifer Goodwin was unquestionably pretty with longer hair, but didn’t stand out from all the other pretty actresses. Going shorter helped Goodwin stand out.


Evan Rachel Wood channeled vintage pinup, especially during her relationship with rocker Marilyn Manson (perhaps in reference to his ex Dita von Teese?). The shorter style brings her into the 21st century without sacrificing edge.


The award for Most Drastic Cut definitely goes to Rooney Mara. We barely recognized her after her dramatic crop for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but now we really dig the dark tresses and her modern goth look.


Oh Arizona – we know you’re a mom, but that doesn’t mean you need a mom cut! Hopefully Arizona will return to Hot Mom status again soon.


The joint book project between Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, titled The Little Black Jacket, is set to debut this fall, but the hype is starting now. We already saw the fascinating process of how a Chanel jacket gets made–now we are getting a little glimpse into how the book about the Chanel jacket got made, thanks to the Telegraph.

Karl and Carine recruited some of their fancy fashion friends to model the jacket and make it “their own”. Georgia May Jagger went for sexy, Sarah Jessica Parker made hers into a crown, and Carine paid homage to Coco by dressing up exactly like the label’s founder, complete with cigarette. Click through to watch it all (and to hear Karl speak French).

The fashion flock might have already taken flight for Paris, but in case you’re still getting your Guccis and Puccis in a row, this afternoon we check in with your ultimate crib sheet to Milan fashion week’s most well-reviewed collections.

As with our  London  and  NYC roundups, we’ve pored through The New York Times, theInternational Herald Tribune,,,—and every other broadsheet and blog we can stream in our Google Reader—to bring you just the adjectives and adverbial phrases and other one-liners used to qualify the shows.

Which designers came out on top? In the spirit of the new Milanese minimalism, we’ve pared the list down to seven. Flash back with us now through the best of austerity chic and graphic tailoring.

Photos: Imaxtree



“What! No more sex in the saddle or rocking through the night? Just love in the afternoon, hair flowing loose, a cuddling velvet cape, a moss green dress, wispy black chiffon shaded with embroidery and the blue green of peacock feathers? Frida Giannini did a volte face at Gucci on Wednesday, from sexy to sensual, making a bold and beautiful start to the Milan winter 2012 season.” —Suzy Menkes, International Herald Tribune

“Evoked a darkly poetic opulence—at times nymphlike, but with the fragility counterbalanced by references to a briskly dandy-ish masculinity with a dash of swaggering World War I militaria. It made for an extensive and varied flow of sophisticated clothes, softer and richer in tone, in a show which also encompassed the emerging ideas in fall’s fashion narrative. It made for Giannini’s best collection yet.” —Sarah Mower,




“In the late 1990s, Ms. Prada’s ‘ugly beauty’ collections challenged all kinds of assumptions, and her latest batch of clothes, in geometric prints and jacquards, really descends from that period. One difference is that patterns, redolent of old-carpet designs, now have graphic punch. Colors—orange, violet, persimmon—are super-saturated.” —Cathy Horyn, The New York Times

“Dazzle us—whoever laid down that particular gauntlet to Miuccia Prada for Autumn/Winter 2012 deserves a pat on the back. Although one suspects the metaphorical challenger was Mrs Prada herself. Because dazzling is certainly the word for the jewel-outlined, richly-coloured and razor-focussed show that she turned out.” —Alex Fury,


“Taking the ethnic out of Etro has been the mission of its designer for a few seasons. But for winter 2012, Veronica Etro succeeded in taking the company’s signature paisley patterns and making their rounded curlicues embrace the female figure.” —Suzy Menkes, International Herald Tribune

“In a word, the show was a fine fashion moment, a splendid example of refreshing a house’s DNA and a great personal success of Etro’s.” —Godfrey Deeny, Fashion Wire Daily

Bottega Veneta

“Fashion people live for the rare occasions when a show is so good it sends an involuntary wave of emotion through their veins. At Bottega Veneta, that kind of unfakeable visceral reaction had spectators sitting forward in their seats as Tomas Maier began to send out women dressed in dark, perfectly tailored coats and suits, walking easily in flat riding boots, with gloves, pearl earrings, and a slash of burgundy lipstick to finish.” —Sarah Mower,

“At Bottega, Tomas Maier showed chic, beautifully balanced coats and suits in dark matte wools with velvet details and covered buttons. You noticed how perfect the look was, and nothing more.” —Cathy Horyn, The New York Times



Jil Sander

“In a collection as elegant, nuanced, and thoughtful as the designer himself, Raf Simons’s final show for the house of Jil Sander proved an exquisite coda to his remarkable career here. In his design trajectory, this inventive Belgian has reimagined menswear, changing the fashionable male paradigm in the process … then successfully transitioned to womenswear at Jil Sander where, since 2005, he has explored—beautifully, and with ever-increasing assurance—the house codes of subtle understatement and pragmatic minimalism, and layered them with his own interest in midcentury style and contemporary innovation.” —Hamish Bowles,

“Mr. Simons has, for a while, moved into haute territory, and this collection was both impeccably tailored and meltingly soft, suggesting the duality of a 21st-century woman. Whether or not the designer finds a nest in a couture home, or develops women’s wear from his own signature men’s line, his fashion voice is too powerful and too important to still.” —Suzy Menkes,International Herald Tribune


Emilio Pucci

“A fab collection that put the focus not only on men’s tailoring but also on a newly covered-up silhouette.” —Nicole Phelps,

“The Pucci girl will be sad—she seems to have lost her go-to designer for three dozen seven-figure evening gowns every season. For every other woman, Dundas’ Pucci deserves to be a new wardrobe staple.” —Alex Fury,



“The stunning collection she presented Sunday morning proposed the idea of a sort of strict and clean elegance that still was quite womanly. … It made for a clean silhouette that effectively walked the line between minimalism and maximalism.” —Emily Holt,

“Much more straightforward, maybe more restrained than usual. One interpretation: Castiglioni’s collaboration with H&M had allowed her to get a lot of classic Marni out of her system, offered her pause for reflection, and pointed her toward a possible future. Expect more changes.” —Tim Blanks,



By this point of  NYFW, everyone is tired and no one is sure what day it actually is. That said, today proved to be an awesome one for us.

We saw Yoko Ono, Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, Ricky Martin, Tyson Beckford (yum), and all in one day. Oh yeah, and some truly inspiring clothes from Proenza Schouler and Marchesa, among others.



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Victoria Beckham sure is making the indie fashion magazine cover rounds lately. Just a week after her March Numéro Tokyo cover was revealed, here she is wearing her own line on the cover ofiD‘s “Whatever The Weather Issue.” And she looks ah-mazing.

In addition to looking hotter than anyone who recently gave birth should, she talks to the glossy about her clothing lines and the dress silhouette she says stemmed from her own insecurities with her body:

When I started it was all about the corset dress. That’s what people associated me with, and possibly if I’m honest a sign of my own insecurities as well. But the older I get and the more comfortable I am in my own skin, the more I realise that to look great and feel great I haven’t always got to wear something tight.

That Victoria Beckham has ever had an insecurities about her body is mind-boggling, but also makes her seem like more of a real person. Also: she apparently dishes on her super chic baby Harper in the magazine, so we’ll definitely be picking it up when it hits newsstands February 9. Click through for two more images from the spread, in which she happens to be wearing corset silhouettes by Balmain and Rochas.







Feast your eyes on the first images of the Jason Wu for Target collection, courtesy of T Magazine(UPDATE: Glamour’s got a peek at another awesome look here). Ain’t she a beaut?

Wu is pretty much the master of modern ladylike dressing, so we’re not exactly surprised to see he’s channeled the same sensibility for this new collaboration with a flirty, feminine frock and a smart satchel bag. The pieces look far more expensive than they are (the dress is $40, the satchel, $50), and they have a sophisticated, timeless quality to them, making them perfect for any age group.

We particularly appreciate that while the collection is unmistakably Wu, it doesn’t riff too hard on his runway collections. Which, as Wu told T, was exactly what the designer was going for: “My goal was not to duplicate anything from my main collection. Instead I designed completely new clothes and accessories that reflect my taste and have a voice of their own.”

Jason Wu for TargetImage:

We got to preview the whole collection a few months ago but had to sign our lives away and promise not to say much. But now that images are trickling out we will say this–this is just a glimpse of a really really good designer collaboration. It’s one of the first designer collabs that we’ve really, truly wanted to buy many things from in a while. Because whereas if you bought Versace for H&M you screamed “I’M WEARING VERSACE FOR H&M” these clothes are more subtle and will have a longer shelf life. They’re sweet but not saccharine, the accessories look way more expensive than they are, and the whole thing is inspired by a little black cat named Milu who adorns some of the accessories (which, duh, we love). The collection has a French gamine vibe–there are pleated frocks with sailor-striped hemlines, precious Peter Pan collars a plenty, dainty silk blouses with neck ties, a Riviera cotton striped A-line dress, and t-shirts and trench coats with a touch of lace.

The collection hits Targets in store and online on February 5–will you be there?



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