First Look: Jason Wu for Target is Pretty Perfect

Posted on: January 6, 2012



Feast your eyes on the first images of the Jason Wu for Target collection, courtesy of T Magazine(UPDATE: Glamour’s got a peek at another awesome look here). Ain’t she a beaut?

Wu is pretty much the master of modern ladylike dressing, so we’re not exactly surprised to see he’s channeled the same sensibility for this new collaboration with a flirty, feminine frock and a smart satchel bag. The pieces look far more expensive than they are (the dress is $40, the satchel, $50), and they have a sophisticated, timeless quality to them, making them perfect for any age group.

We particularly appreciate that while the collection is unmistakably Wu, it doesn’t riff too hard on his runway collections. Which, as Wu told T, was exactly what the designer was going for: “My goal was not to duplicate anything from my main collection. Instead I designed completely new clothes and accessories that reflect my taste and have a voice of their own.”

Jason Wu for TargetImage:

We got to preview the whole collection a few months ago but had to sign our lives away and promise not to say much. But now that images are trickling out we will say this–this is just a glimpse of a really really good designer collaboration. It’s one of the first designer collabs that we’ve really, truly wanted to buy many things from in a while. Because whereas if you bought Versace for H&M you screamed “I’M WEARING VERSACE FOR H&M” these clothes are more subtle and will have a longer shelf life. They’re sweet but not saccharine, the accessories look way more expensive than they are, and the whole thing is inspired by a little black cat named Milu who adorns some of the accessories (which, duh, we love). The collection has a French gamine vibe–there are pleated frocks with sailor-striped hemlines, precious Peter Pan collars a plenty, dainty silk blouses with neck ties, a Riviera cotton striped A-line dress, and t-shirts and trench coats with a touch of lace.

The collection hits Targets in store and online on February 5–will you be there?




7 Responses to "First Look: Jason Wu for Target is Pretty Perfect"

Oh I have a similar dress, that I got from work last spring ! So lovely post 🙂

Thanks for your comment. Do stop by anytime again, or if you like it would be great to stay in touch & follow each other. 🙂

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

Beautiful blog, I love the Fashions!

Following now. 🙂

x X

yay another blog from vienna 🙂
the dresses and satchels look very “alexa chung” – I like !

I need to run by Target soon and see if anything is left!

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