The Return of the Supermodel? For the First Time in Two Years Real Models Will Cover V Magazine, Styled by Carine Roitfeld

Posted on: October 29, 2011



For the first time in two years, V magazine is featuring actual models instead of celebrities on its next edition, which hits newsstands on November 8. And to show that it is really, really standing by its decision to eschew celebs in favor of models, the mag shot not one, but four covers, featuring a pair of pretty girls on each cover.

The covers were styled by  Carine Roitfeld and shot by  Terry Richardsin, WWD is reporting. The cover model pairings include Candice Swanepoel and Joan Smalls; Daphne Goeeneveld and Saskia de Brauw; Sui He and Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, and Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Lindsey Wixson. Roitfeld said she made an effort to cast ethnically diverse models (how refreshing!). “These eight girls are unique, not one is like the other,” Roitfeld told WWD. “Candice is the only blonde and blue-eyed of this new generation of supermodels. Joan is black, Sui He is Asian, Hanna is North African. It’s their diversity that makes each of them, to me, truly modern. They bring a new energy to fashion.” The girls are decked out in colorful resort 2012 outfits with makeup to match.

Is this a sign of things to come? The return of the supermodel perhaps? Roitfeld said, “It’s a big moment of change in fashion. In some cases, you feel like it’s the end or an era. I have been feeling this with cover subjects, and especially models.”









1 Response to "The Return of the Supermodel? For the First Time in Two Years Real Models Will Cover V Magazine, Styled by Carine Roitfeld"

love these covers


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