The Ten Best Moments From Fashion Month

Posted on: October 7, 2011

Fashio Month is officially over. Whew, what a ride!

Sure, we saw some killer collections, but what about all the good stuff that went on off the runway?

From an unlikely front-row-duo, to a serious fashion show mishap, check our our ten moments from Fashion Month that had nothing to do with the clothes.

Kanye West makes his designer Debut. Sure, the clothes were a bit of a disappointment. But with so many off-the-runway shenanigans going on–the Olsens, Lindsay Lohan and Carine Roitfeld sitting front row; Kanye’s f-bomb laden thank you speech, and the juicy Chanel Iman rumors –who was really looking at the runway?

Photo: Getty

Anna Wintour sitting next to Nicki Minaj at Caroline Hererra. This. Is. The. Best. Photo. Ever. Period. The End.



Chanels under the sea Theme

The ocean floor hasn’t looked this good since Disney’s The Little Mermaid. From the giant (and super chic) shell that all the models entered the runway from, to the shiny bubbles adorning the set, Chanel’s was truly a gem (or should we say pearl?) among the other Paris Fashion Week shows. Oh, and did we mention Florence Welch played a set? In an open clam shell!? Absolute perfection. Karl, can we please just live in your world?


Well, that’s one way to get your standing ovation! A-listers the likes of Anna Wintour, Salma Hayek and Catherine Deneuve were sent crashing to the floor due to broken benches in the front row at Balenciaga. Then the unthinkable happened: They were all forced to stand (sacre bleu!) for the duration of the show.


Kate Moss gets back on the Horse, literally and figurativly at LV. I love that at 37, Kate Moss is still killing it on the runway. The fact that she’s doing it at Vuitton’s show, which was equipped with a carousel, only makes it that much cooler.


Carine Roitfelds Vampire Ball

Only Carine Roitfeld could entice this many fashion A-listers to not only attend her vampire-themed party but also dress in costume. Seriously, Carine, what can’t you do?


Tom Ford gets dissed

Don’t get us wrong, we love Tom Ford. We think Tom Ford is a genius, and  possible not human. But I have to say I kind of enjoyed the fall-out following his super-exclusive Spring 2012 show–and the big-name critics who dared to forsake the name of God Tom Ford with less-than-stellar (or downright negative) reviews.


Pregnant Beyonce walks the Runway

On a good day, Beyonce gives us a total inferiority complex. But a glowing, pregnant Beyonce confidently strutting her stuff at her own House of Dereon fashion show? Forget it, we might as well accept the fact that she really is just a super-woman.


Lilo is back… sort of.

The troubled starlet signed on to be the face of Philipp Plein’s Spring 2012 campaign, and sat front row at the designer’s show in Milan. The only issue? Lilo hadn’t seen a stitch of the clothing until she arrived in Milan, just days before. Oops.


Photo: Getty

Dior rumor-mongering. The question on everyone’s lips this season was: Who will take over at Dior? We still don’t know the answer, but we’ve certainly enjoyed the ride so far!



Enjoy reading , love, Wieneragnes











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