Mugler Spring 2012: Don’t F*** With a Mugler Woman

Posted on: September 30, 2011


PARIS–You don’t fuck with a Mugler woman. At least that’s what Lady Gaga said over and over in in the video that opened two nights ago Mugler show at the Gymnase Japy. Gaga’s hair was greenish and in pig tails, and she sported gappy buckteeth. She stared at the camera with a blank expression and swirled her pig tails around. The effect, as always with any collaboration between Gaga and Mugler’s creative director Nicola Formichetti, was provocative and weird. (Also maybe Mugler is making grills now? It looked like Gaga was wearing one-and that would be awesome.)

Sure enough, as the film ended and the models took to the hazy smoke-hung runway it was clear these women were not to be fucked with. With their hair gelled back (sadly it seems the wet mullet look is not going anywhere) and wrapped in nude pods that resembled raw cuts of cow hide, these Mugler models looked like they’d just emerged from some alien womb. Adding to the “don’t eff with me vibe” were sky high needle-thin stilettos and beautiful silver accessories that looked like a cross between the hilt of a sword, a syringe and a gun. I walked to the subway next to one of the models and asked her about the shoes. “They were really hard to walk in,” she confessed. “I had to lean back the whole time so I didn’t fall.” To drive the message home, the models walked the runway all together in one fierce sexy pack for the finale. Strength in numbers.

As I watched some of the more out-there numbers come down the runway–like a barely-there white and beige dress with a strip of fabric slung over one breast–I found myself asking who, besides Gaga, would be able to pull this off. But as I looked around at the people in the seats on TV, my question was answered. Gaga’s little monsters and Formichetti devotees, that’s who. And they were out in full force at the show. I spied a a girl with safety cone orange hair, a girl wearing a candy cane as an earring and a man with a ginormous crinkly gold cape. They’re not to be messed with either.

**Photos: Imaxtree


Mugler RS12 2577


Mugler RS12 2622


Mugler RS12 2714


Mugler RS12 2735


Mugler RS12 2769


Mugler RS12 2862


Mugler RS12 3004



personally, I dont like this collection so much. I like something more feminine, and u :)?


This is what I like :).



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